An Ex Works (EXW) agreement is a common term used in international trade. It is an agreement that specifies that a buyer is responsible for picking up goods from a seller`s premises and handling all transportation and documentation costs associated with the delivery of the products. The seller does not assume any responsibility for the goods once they have left their premises.

EXW Agreement Explained

EXW agreement is otherwise known as the “Ex Works” agreement in international trade. It is an agreement between a buyer and a seller, where the seller agrees to make the goods available at a specific location specified by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the entire transportation process, including the documentation required to export the goods.

The seller`s responsibility ends once the goods are made available at the designated location. It is then upon the buyer to bear the risk of loss or damage of the goods during transportation. The seller is not responsible for packaging and loading the goods onto the buyer`s transport vehicles.

Advantages of EXW Agreement

One of the significant advantages of an EXW agreement is that the cost of transporting goods is significantly reduced since the buyer is responsible for the transportation cost.

Another advantage is that the buyer has control over the entire shipping process. They can choose their mode of transport and handle the documentation process, which might allow them to negotiate better rates.

Disadvantages of EXW Agreement

The main disadvantage of an EXW agreement is that the buyer bears all the risks associated with transportation. Loss or damage that occurs during transportation must be borne by the buyer. Therefore, it is essential to arrange suitable insurance coverage to mitigate losses from any unforeseen events.

Another disadvantage is that it requires a high level of coordination between the buyer and the seller to execute the agreement successfully. Coordination is required for the packaging of goods and loading them onto the shipping vehicle.


An EXW agreement is a standard arrangement in international trade, commonly used in export-oriented businesses. It offers advantages such as reduced transportation costs and allows the buyer to have control over the entire shipping process. However, it is essential to consider the disadvantages, such as the high level of coordination required for its successful execution and the buyer’s exposure to transportation risks. If you are considering an EXW agreement, it is wise to consult with an expert in international trade to help you navigate the process successfully.